Barry Adleman, Music For Humanity Roundup

“Barry Adelman (Co-founder music for Humanity)…  because “immigration” is the hot topic in the news I’ve decided to send the attached: “Longing No Border Can Tame”, donated by Lucas Rotman who performed at the Music for Humanity Free Performance Night in February. Lucas was inspired to write this song by the award winning book “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario Lucas said “It should be required reading for every American.” Whatever your political persuasion this is songwriting at its best. And whatever your political position, we (99.99% of the people on this list) are all immigrants or children of immigrants who longed for freedom. Thanks Lucas for sharing it. You can find out more about Lucas here:”
– Barry Adleman, Music For Humanity Roundup (May 09, 2009)

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