Pauline solo BW BE

Pauline large BE

Lucas solo large BE with faceLucas and Pauline posing BELucas and Pauline BE large 1Pauline and Lucas at the Bitter end 2Pauline and Lucas at the Bitter End 1SR142 Lot, House, Grey Car image 96dpiRotman6.Bench Sitters. just image.72dpiSnowy Day 2016SR100 Factory by River with mount 96dpimelodicminers melodicminers2 lucasrotmanBrewster on the box Folk Art Lucas-Pauline Lucas and Brewster 2014 Lucas at Freddy's 2014 Lucas Busking lucas Freddy's 2014 2 lucas with guitar 1 Lucas with kids Occuppy 2012 busking Pauline at 2 moons 2014 Pauline at TFFF Pauline at the Folk Art Pauline solo sidewalk 2013 Pauline Taking a breather TFFF 2014 Lucas solo with Pauline at Sidwalk Sidewalk 5 2013Way station 1 2015 Kiki at the RH 2013 Crowd at RH 2013 Waystation 5 2015 Waystation 6 2015 lucas and Pauline large Lucas solo at folk art Instruments large Folk Art 2013 Folk Art Museum audience Lucas with HarpJPG Tuning up 2013 HC Waystation 2014 Violin HC 2013 Eveerybody at Waystation 2014 SC 2013 4 Sidewalk 11-1-13 Students Singing Lucas in Haiti Everybody TL 2013 Miners at SC 2013-2 Miners at SC 2013 Where day Goes photo Pauline at Tea Lounge Lucas at UFT rally with Jackie lucas at TL 2013 Green market busking 2 moons with our little friend Brew at Brandon's 2015 Lucas at Brandon's 2015 Standing on the rocks26 On the gate straight on 38 Lucas solo w:guitar 41 By the door 32 Miners with hats Miners stoopin on roof Miners singing by window Miners on the roof #1 Miners looking through skylight