“Gritty, relevant, street-smart performer. Lucas digs deep. His spirited songs pack a wallop, backed by his baritone guitar, banjo and soulful harmonica playing.”  - Elizabeth Rose, Musician/songwriter/Educator/Author, Sullivan County Songwriters Circle Blog 

Lucas’s musical career began as a substitute teacher’s panicked attempt to appease a classroom full of unruly kindergarteners, “a wise friend told me to pick up the guitar, figure out some chords and learn some songs (fast!).” He quickly discovered a bourgeoning career as an early childhood educator and his most supportive audience. 

Teaching led Lucas to decades of exploring a wide range of sounds and instruments and to take the eventual plunge into songwriting itself.  Along the way, developing a soulful sound steeped in the traditions of Americana, yet drawn through a biracial Philly boy’s raw sensibilities.  Word craft and poetic imagery run rampant through Lucas’ lyrical universe, with an arc that bends towards social justice, lending weight and depth to his storytelling. 

More than three decades later, the Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist performs, records and writes songs as a solo artist, with his upstate NY posse, The LMR Trio and with his Brooklyn Troupe, the Melodic Miners.  A regular performer at venues in and around NYC, Lucas is excited to be releasing new music for the first time in 7 years this spring and will be promoting it big time with his upcoming “Lost and Found Tour”.