"[Lucas] is a vivid storyteller, a beautiful guitarist with a voice that grabs you and stays with you in your sleep. He writes and plays about the big stuff. He is deeply sincere. You leave his show enlightened and entranced, and with a sadness that you have on the last page of your favorite novel.” - Ruth Gerson Recording Artist Award Winning Songwriter/Vocal Coach

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Exciting news!!

On February 8th, I’ll be headed over to Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn to record a handful of one-of-a-kind 7” vinyl singles with @leestavall as part of their Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions project. Here’s how it works: You choose the song, from either my prior recordings or from my upcoming release, “Lost and Found” and I will perform it LIVE as the record's cut in real time - making you the only owner of that particular performance. This is literally as personalized as it gets folks. Limited pre-sales available now.



Appearing on Kathy Geary's new show

On Saturday, January 28th at 3pm, I have the pleasure of being interviewed live on WJFF (https://wjffradio.org/now-and-then/) for Kathy Geary's wonderful show "Now and Then" which highlights the work of singer-songwriters.  Since I first started tuning into WJFF, I've been…

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Upcoming Live Shows

Rockwood Music Hall

So happy to be heading back for my second show at Rockwood Music Hall at 196 Allen street (stage #1) on Thursday, 2/16 @ 7pm. Featuring Jeff Anderson on bass, David Christian on drums and some special musical guests!

Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn

Excited to launch the release of "Lost and Found" spring 2023 with a show at Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn (627 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY) on Friday, March 17th at 9pm! Happily joined by those Melodic Miners, Pauline David-Sax on Violin and Andrea Wilches on vocals!

Creative Compound in Honesdale, PA

 —  —

In late April (Sunday 4/30 from 10:30-12:30pm), I'll be continuing the "Lost and Found Tour" with a brunch show at the Creative Compound in Honesdale, PA (630 Main street, Honesdale, PA). I'll be joined again by my all time fav Jeff Anderson on Bass.

Dear Miki: An All-American Family Saga

Listen to my interview on the Janus Adams show/podcast. Janus is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, historian, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. We discussed my family history and its broader context around race and social justice in the U.S. I shared letters written from my grandfather, a Japanese American soldier who served in the 442nd brigade in WWII, to my mom who was a toddler at the time. Interspersed will be some of my original songs.